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DragonApps.ORG :: Cyclepath (Beta)


For possibly new audiogamers

This game was designed as an audio game and designed for people with low vision or no sight at all. If you're new to audio games, there might be some things that are unfamiliar to you, especially navigating the game and it's menus.

In audio games, it is tradition that nothing is shown on screen. I will replace the current menu system with one based on HTML with a proper UI. Until then, however, this game will not feel like a natural web app and you might get confused at first. Let me break it down.

When you start for the first time, you will hear the intro and probably see nothing on screen but a white page, and possibly the touch area for mobile devices (desktop definitely recommended). For navigation, you use your keyboard. All text and information the game will output should be displayed at the top of the page. For the most authentic experience, should you be able to read the text, I recommend a free screen reader like NVDA for windows, or going into the game's options menu and switching WebTTS to true. If you're still confused, simply send me a mail or get in touch on Twitter (@dragon1424) and I'll teach you all about this concept.


I'll fill this out properly later, but in case you want to drive a bike and see what web technologies are capable of, check this project out.

When I get everything sorted, the source will be available on GitHub soon.

The game has a tutorial, but basic key overview:

In the menus, up and down select options, left and right change selectors, enter selects.

In game, space gets you going, left and right change your direction.

The game talks about joystick, but that hasn't been implemented yet. So just keep cool and wait. :-)

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